We are a family business successfully engaged in probate research in the third and fourth generation.
The company whose former name was “Zentralstelle für Erbengesuche” (Probate research Center) was founded in 1898 by Felix Moser, grandfather and great-grandfather respectively of the present owners of the firm, Dr. Gerhard Moser and Michael-J. Moser.

Our qualified team consists of 15 employees who contribute to our company’s success thanks to many years of professional experience.

We carry out search operations worldwide. We also correspond in English, French, Polish, Czech, Italian and Spanish benefiting from an international network of correspondents.


 Our Services:

  • We establish the identity of heirs worldwide in unsolved estate matters.
  • We procure documents and deeds at home and abroad
  • We procure evidence of inheritance for communities of heirs who are known and we support them in asserting their claims to an inheritance.
  • We trace property owners of unknown residence.

Do you have any questions about a new or a current dossier?

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